RUBIK III 4 Seat With 2 Ottomans

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1 Fabric: Polylinen

2 Color: Moonlit Mist

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Height 35.4”
Width 39.3”
Arm Height 24”
Seat Height 18.1”
Seat Width/Depth 27.5"
Super-important note

These dimensions are for one single sectional. If you need the total dimensions, please check the below section.



Weight Capacity

1000lbs Each Seat Frame


Polylinen/Egyptian Cotton


Solid Wood


High Density Foam and Memory Foam

Cleaning Guide

The Whole Covers are Removable and Washable

Easily add or remove sections whenever you want!
New fabric and new cushion, bring next-level comfort.
Upgrade to solid wood structure. The weight capacity is 1000lbs
Maximize storage space is like a hidden treasure trove!
Cozy Living
There are multiple comfortable fabrics to choose from. You can opt for the durable and breathable polylinen, or the soft and smooth Egyptian cotton. Alternatively, you can purchase different fabric covers and switch them out whenever you like. All RUBIK III fabric covers are removable and washable.

Prepare to be enveloped in a cocoon of comfort with our high-density foam cushions and plush fabric upholstery. It's the premium seat for your comfort!
Stain-resistant Fabrics
Polylinen, a great blend of linen and polyester
Ultra-soft Fabric
High-density foam and memory foam
Maximum Convenience
Forget the days of struggling with incomprehensible instruction manuals and missing screws. Rubik III is easier to put together and you can customize it to your heart's desire. It's like playing with adult-sized LEGOs.

Our removable and washable covers ensure stress-free maintenance, even during spills and stains. With a variety of colors to choose from, changing the style is as easy as switching outfits.
Easy to Assemble
Modular design
Easy to Clean
Removable and washable covers
Sturdy Support
Solid metal connectors make our sofa sturdy and stable, so you can sit without feeling like you're on a shaky boat.

Hidden compartments and storage make our sofa the ultimate storage ninja, keeping your living space organized and clutter-free.
More Functions
Multi-functional console
Sustainable Hardware
High quality hardware


Learn more
Where can I find assembly instructions?
Assembly instructions are included in the box and can also be downloaded from the SUPPORT - User Support section below.
How to clean my sofa?
All of RUBIK III covers are removable and washable. Simply detach them and throw them into the washing machine for easy cleaning.
How to replace the cover?
We offer a variety of sofa cover colors to match your personal style. Keep your sofa looking fresh and timeless!
How long will it take my sofa to arrive?
Depending on where you live, delivery is usually within 5-7 days. Please refer to the email confirmation for your order's specific delivery date.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 188 reviews
Mark T.
It's about what I expected..

Received the couch and armrests in 15 total boxes, which were a little beat up looking, but sturdy and seemed to protect the contents well enough. Took about 2 hours to put it all together, most of which was just opening the boxes and removing the pieces. You screw 4 legs onto each ottoman, and 4 screws per back/arm to put the hooks on and make them a chair. The screws provided are hex-key, and are made of soft cheese metal. If you apply too much force using the provided t-handle allen wrench, you'll strip the heads pretty easily. Already had some pilling on some cushions and corner areas straight out of the box, as well as some frays, which was disappointing to see upon pulling them out of the boxes... my cats hadn't even had a crack at it, yet. Speaking of which, I have 5 cats and two dogs. It took them roughly 3 minutes to inspect the couch, add extra pilling to some cushions simply by walking around on them. The fabric is definitely not going to hold up to cats or dog claws in terms of pilling, is not as sturdy or resistant as my previous couch in that regard, but I suppose this is a couch in a box shipped overseas. It feels quality enough, otherwise. I immediately invested in some cheap stretch covers for the cushions and arms. Comfort-wise, I'd give it a 3.8/5. The cushions are firm enough, and will likely wear in a little over time. You can definitely feel when you're on the edges between sections, where the couch pieces connect, but it's not ultimately that bad. I've fallen asleep on it 6 nights out of the 20 I've owned it. It's not as comfortable as a bed, but I can't complain -- I prefer a stiffer mattress, ymmv. I'll need to add some fabric velcro to help keep the cushions in place, as they slide around a bit. The pillow cushions also fall over if any weight is applied to them, or if you just look at them wrong, so I might have to mod that if it gets annoying enough. The storage in each is awesome, though the tops immediately fall into the storage areas if you're trying to lift them like they're hinged. They're just sitting on top via 4 small edges. I ultimately bought this to play around with setups in our living room, not because I thought it was going to be luxurious, and that's where it fits the bill. I'm giving it 4 stars for function, relatively decent comfort, and storage. It's about what I expected.

S. T.

So Far so good. We like the corner pice but it didn't come in the same fabric as the rest of the pieces. We ordered slip covers to change it but didn't know that one of the pieces was slightly different back piece that the slip covers don't fit. So one piece of the couch is a different color than the rest. Over all it is a nice couch but the corner piece was just slightly different through and through. The slip covers were easily changed for the most part but the back pillows had a different way to attach the slip covers making them just a bit different then the rest of the pillows when we changed the slip covers. We did get the light gray and the dark gray slip covers so it is like we have to couches just wish we could get that one corner piece to match when we change the covers but its not offered in any other color.


This was so easy to put together, and so far, it's held up to kids jumping all over it. The dog did snag the fabric with her claws, but I was easily able to mend it.
Fabric wipes down with a damp cloth and has already held up to multiple washings in the machine. Overall, I'm happy with this couch. My only issue is the cushions on the ottomans slip off.

shawn m.
Great Buy

This is a great buy!! I am loving my Rubik III w/ottomans, just one exception the top of the ottomans moving out of place and I need to keep putting them back every time i get up from the couch. I feel some Velcro here would work perfectly.

Megan A.
Easy to put together

Very easy assembly and what I was looking for