RUBIK I 2 Seats with 2 Corners

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1 Color: Light Gray

2 Accessory:
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Comfortable Lifestyle
Prepare yourself for an exquisite encounter with our latest fabric innovation, boasting a level of softness akin to a baby's delicate skin, coupled with an undeniable touch of sophistication.

Cushioned with high resilience foam and memory foam. This piece provides the comfort you ever want from a sofa. The memory foam added can efficiently eliminate odors, absorb excess moisture and prevent bacteria.
Versatile and Flexible
LINSY HOME Modular couches allow different households to customize various configurations such as a typical L or U shape couch, and update the colors and materials of your sectional sofa covers.

Our covers, easily detachable and machine washable, guarantee effortless upkeep, even in the face of accidental spills and stubborn stains. With a diverse array of colors at your fingertips, transforming the aesthetic is as simple as changing one's attire.
Maximum Convenience
Forget the days of struggling with incomprehensible instruction manuals and missing screws. Rubik III is easier to put together and you can customize it to your heart's desire. It's like playing with adult-sized LEGOs.

Our removable and washable covers ensure stress-free maintenance, even during spills and stains. With a variety of colors to choose from, changing the style is as easy as switching outfits.

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Why a Corner Piece Matters: Arranging Your Sofa for Maximum Impact
Why a Corner Piece Matters: Arranging Your Sofa for Maximum Impact

Corner seats are highly valued by LINSY HOME customers. Along with our new fabric, Egyptian cotton, we introduce the RUBIK III corner seat. Here’s why a corner seat is essential: More Seating Spa...

Seat 25.59"W x 28.35"D x 34.25"H
Ottoman 25.59"W x 25.59"D x 17.72"H
Backboard 25.59"W x 25.79"L
Armrest 28.35"W x 22.44"L
Headrest 22.4"W x 32.3"L

Product Details

General Dimensions: 52"W x 34.3"H x 40.2"D

Covers: Polyester

Frame: Solid Wood

Cushions: High Resilience Foam and Memory Foam

Weight Capacity(lbs): 300

1Where can I find assembly instructions?
Each sofa will come with a paper-version assembly instruction. You can also download an electronic one from user-support.
2How to clean my sofa?
RUBIK I covers are removable, washable, and changeable ( except armrests).
3How to replace the cover?
We offer a variety of sofa cover colors to match your personal style. Keep your sofa looking fresh and timeless!
4How long will it take my sofa to arrive?
Depending on where you live, delivery is usually within 5-7 days. Please refer to the email confirmation for your order's specific delivery date.



30 Days Guarantee

Due to our dynamic range of promotions, price adjustments may occur. To ensure the purchasing experience, we extend a 30-day price guarantee.

Warranty Policy

LINSY HOME offers a 3-year warranty policy for all modular sofas. If you experience issues with your Product piece, please contact us at 【】first.

Free Shipping for All Orders

In the region where our products are sold, we offer free delivery. Please note that our products will be delivered in several separate boxes. Kindly ensure to check for all boxes upon receipt.


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