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Michael F.
Very happy

The couch makes our living room look so much better, it is a very firm couch very comfortable

Jutta H.
Rubik III

We love our Sofa. The communication With Atticus at Linsy's was outstanding. The sofa was delivered on time as promised. We will buy from Linsy's for sure again.

Irina N.
Great Modular Furniture!

We were hesitant to buy online without sitting on it. But this was a great choice. It’s super easy to put together, I think from box to done was 26 minutes.

We love the design. Looking forward to changing the covers and change up the look not the couch!

Lauren Y.
10/10 recommend!!!

Highly recommend this couch. Now it’s only been one day, but delivery and installation was quick and easy. I am a female in my late 20’S and it took me 56 minutes from start to finish, including taking the boxes down and such, all by myself! The only part that frustrated me was when I was peeling off the furniture stickers for the legs. I couldn’t get them off well enough so I had to cut a small slit. That helped the process. Looking forward to getting the center console when it’s back in stock!

As far as comfort goes. It’s memory foam. You aren’t going to sink into it but I love the fact that the pillows are not attached on the back. Yes they move around when not intended but it makes it easier when adjusting how you would like to sit. Don’t hesitate. Go ahead and buy it!!

Lily N.
Love my sofa

Ordered the Rubik III in Dark Matter. The six piece with one ottoman. It was very affordable. Came fairly quickly, it was the holidays so I wasn't expecting miracles as far as shipping but it arrived sooner than I thought it would. The boxes were bulky but not overly heavy. I just brough one in at a time until they were all inside. The boxes sat outside on my deck in the rain for a couple of days. The boxes are heavy duty and while they got wet the contents inside remained dry. The units were really easy to install and the sofa is so comfy. I am completely satisfied with my purchase and then some!

Surprisingly Good

Here there, I can be a negative person. FedEx didn't ship our arms and it took some time to get it, so I left a two star review when I was asked to write a review. Now that I have it all, not only was my couch pretty cool to begin with, but now with the arms it's even more configurable. With that one last box my oldest made a mini tank for himself and his two younger brothers... who are defending themselves against his assult in the fort they built out of the Linsy Sofa.
Good Times

Fast delivery - easy assembly. I love it!

I purchased the "RUBIK I 4 Seats with 3 Ottomans"
The sections were very easy to assemble. It was quite intuitive to assemble. There were no instructions included but we found we didn't need them.
The sections are a simple design and make it fun to configure.
I have a very small living room and this modular sofa is working out perfect!
I opted for the light green color and was worried that it might be too bright, but it is very pleasant.
The seating is a bit firmer than our previous chairs, but I think we will get used to it.
Thank you so much!

Excellent! More stars, Please! 10

Anyone who would need something for a smaller place, have more choices for arrangements or more storage. Or all 3. This is the set! I was skeptical about buying but once I received this, my mind was put at easy. I can have a chair, loveseat and sofa. I can have a sectional and 2 chairs. All with storage under every seat. Can someone say "Bonus!!!". Our family worked for a company that built furniture. This was easy to assemble. I did get extra ottomans and head rests. It is firm. I'm sure, just like any other piece of furniture, it will soften after sitting on them. But we like firm. When the grown up kiddos come home, we have an extra sleeping area now. I looked for over a year. Not because I couldn't make up my mind but wanted to make the right choices. This would be good for a camper. For a small apartment. We had an issue with shipping so I talked with customer service and spot on. Resolved in in one shot! I worked online customer service for years. Kudos in that area. If I had to purchase all over again. Linsy Home would be my go to!

Comfortable, Easy to Assemble, and the Storage!

We got our Rubik 3 sectional couches today and I LOVE them! I was kind of worried initially buy couches I've never sat on but these feel great! My back actually got some relief from my old couches where I would sink in. I would describe the coushins as firm but with some give. It basically reminds me of a memory foam bed. I love the storage. I could fit a number 3 soccer ball, my arcade stick, board games, blankets and so much more. Assembly was easy. My wife and 7 year old daughter actually built it while I was at home. It was easy enough that my 7 year old actually the building process because of how straight forward it was. The only mistake we made but we later corrected was the arm rest are designed to be on specific sides. If you do this wrong you'll have a gap. Just swap them to the other side and that fixes it perfect. Also when putting in the arm rest take off the back first, it's much easier this way. All and all I love these couches. I can't wait for the center console to come out!