How to choose the modular sofa? RUBIK III VS RUBIK I

How to choose the modular sofa? RUBIK III VS RUBIK I

If you have already made the decision to purchase a modular sofa, it is likely because you are aware of their customizability and ease of assembly. Now, you are seeking to make a well-informed purchase decision.

More and more people are experiencing the comfort and convenience of modular sofas starting with RUBIK. In order to provide better products to consumers, based on customer feedback and reviews of RUBIK I, LINSY HOME has launched the all-new RUBIK III. This is a new upgrade, and now let's take a look at the differences between RUBIK I and RUBIK III.

Modular Design

Both RUBIK I and RUBIK III feature a modular design, allowing for easy movement and assembly, as well as providing storage space. What's more, the RUBIK series sofas are easier to install compared to other modular sofas. They use a snap design that allows you to easily find the connecting positions, enabling you to complete one seat in just 10 minutes.




[Fabric] 100% Polyester

[Cushion] Resilience Foam

[Size] Seat Depth/Width: 19.6



[Fabric] Polylinen, a great blend of linen and polyester

[Cushion] High Density Foam and memory foam

[Size] Seat Depth/Width: 27.5


Compared to RUBIK I, RUBIK III offers enhanced comfort. The addition of linen in the fabric of RUBIK III makes it more breathable and soft. The high density foam used in the cushions is also softer and more durable, and the seats are larger and wider.


Weight Capacity

RUBIK I: 300 lbs

RUBIK III: 1000 lbs


We have received feedback from many users that the weight capacity of RUBIK I is not sufficient. Therefore, RUBIK III has undergone comprehensive improvements, and the weight capacity of each seat has been increased to 1000 lbs, allowing you to sit on sofa without any worries.



RUBIK I: Dark Gray, Light Gray, Navy Blue, Light Green

RUBIK III: Dark Matter(Dark Gray), Moonlight Mist(Light Gray), Almond Cream (Cream)


Many users expressed their desire for a white sofa, so RUBIK III has added the color cream, which gives a warmer and cozier look. However, if you prefer blue or green, please choose RUBIK I.



RUBIK I: Comes with ottomans and armrests. Sofa covers, cushions, and backrests will be available soon.

RUBIK III: Comes with ottomans and armrests. Sofa covers and console will be available soon, and there will also be cushions and backrests in the future.


Whether it's RUBIK I or RUBIK III, we will soon launch replaceable sofa covers, cushions, and backrests, making your sofa more durable! Additionally, RUBIK III will have a matching console, making your sofa more fun!




We have always been looking forward to making your life better with the RUBIK series, and every comment you make about RUBIK helps us improve our products. We hope you could purchase the RUBIK SOFA that suits you best!

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