Find Your Own Modular Sofa - RUBIK I vs RUBIK III vs RUBIK X

Find Your Own Modular Sofa - RUBIK I vs RUBIK III vs RUBIK X

LINSY HOME has launched a trio of modular sofas to cater to varying consumer demands. Each iteration, from RUBIK I to RUBIK III and now RUBIK X, has been refined based on user feedback to address evolving needs. Let's delve into the distinctions among these models.


Modular Design:

All sofas in the RUBIK series feature a modular design, allowing users to effortlessly add, remove, combine, or rearrange seats as desired. Furthermore, the RUBIK series is conveniently packaged for easy transportation through elevators, staircases, and rooms, eliminating the hassle of moving bulky furniture.


Fabric Varieties for Diverse Comfort:

RUBIK I: Crafted from Polyester, a durable and highly stretchable material.

RUBIK III: Features Polylinen—a blend of polyester and linen—for enhanced softness and breathability.

RUBIK X: Introduces a premium upgrade with corduroy fabric, offering unparalleled softness, warmth, and durability for sofas.



Customizable Accessories for Personalization:

RUBIK I: LINSY HOME pioneering modular sofa model offers a wide range of accessories like backrests, cushions, and headrests based on customer feedback.

RUBIK III: An upgrade from RUBIK I, this model adds functional console that can be moved, charged, and used for storing beverages and items, enhancing its multi-functionality.

RUBIK X: Breaking new ground, RUBIK X integrates a recliner option, allowing it to serve as part of your sofa or as a standalone recliner, adjustable with a single touch to suit various settings.


Seating Experience:

RUBIK I: Incorporates high resilience foam for robust support, ensuring the sofa maintains its shape over time.

RUBIK III: Responding to user feedback, this model utilizes high-density foam to strike a balance between support and comfort.

RUBIK X: Elevating comfort, RUBIK X combines eiderdown feather, plush cotton, and high-density foam layers, providing an unparalleled sitting experience akin to lounging on a cloud.


In summary, the evolution from RUBIK I to RUBIK III signifies functional enhancements, while RUBIK X represents a bold innovation by LINSY HOME. If you're new to modular sofas, RUBIK I and RUBIK III offer a comprehensive experience. However, for those seeking a premium modular sofa experience, RUBIK X awaits your exploration.

For a detailed comparison, please refer to the table below.


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